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Why our Bamboo Pole Holder
Having a tropical climate with high humidity level and frequent rainfalls, Singapore is easily susceptible to diseases borned by mosquitoes.

Unchecked water spots can prove to be fatal breeding grounds for such deadly insects.

However, with our bamboo holder and its ingenious design; it not only serves the purpose of drying your clothes but also prevents the trapping of water within its concealment.

For more info on dengue: http://www.dengue.gov.sg

Team Bamboo Pole Holder - Smart Design
The Design

Any rainwater which seeps in the poleholder will be drained out from the outlet as illustrated above. This unique design of ours will also prevent water marks from staining your walls as well. Not only it serves its function well, you do not even have to worry about the aesthetic aspect of your household.

Our bamboo pole holder is made of pure stainless steel, giving you a 100% assurance.

Application on local apartments
A real-life application on how it will look like on full assemble. Just look at how it stands out from the rest of the ordinary holders.

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