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Spalling Service - is your home tearing itself apart?

About Spalling

Are you having cracks, bulges or even falling concrete pieces from your ceilings, exposing the steel bars?

If you are experiencing spalling problems, you should repair the spalling concrete before these steel bars corrode further and damage larger areas of the ceiling. Any loose concrete cover that is likely to fall apart should be removed immediately. These problems are hazardous to your home!

At Team, we repair spalling concrete that will last longer and safer for your family.

Spalling concrete is largely due to a natural deterioration process called carbonation.

This causes the steel bars embedded in the ceiling slab to corrode, causing the concrete cover to crack and bulge.

Seepage Service - back to beauty

About Seepage

Is your ceiling having any water seepage problems causing them to peel?

Does this problem cause your ceiling to look ugly making you feel embarrassed about it?

Team will help stop the embarrassment, making your ceiling beautiful, clean and new once again!

Seepage or ceiling leakage happens when water from the upper floor unit leaks into the ceiling of the lower floor through the concrete floor slab.

It is a common especially in older buildings and commonly occurs in wet areas such as toilets & bathrooms.

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